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Healthy Habits

Party Safely!

Drinking alcohol may be a common social activity, but you don’t have to drink to have fun! In fact, many students choose drink moderately or not at all. If you do decide to drink, make sure to plan ahead, be aware of your surroundings, and know when and how to seek help if needed.

No Big Deal Campaign

The NBD Campaign is a positive and affirming response to the recent conflict around transgender peoples' pronouns, including gender-neutral ones like singular they/them and ze/hir (instead of she/her or he/him). 

Wen-Do women's self defense

Wen-Do Women's Self Defence is a registered charity and the oldest women's self defence organization in Canada. 

In a Wen-Do course, you will:

  • learn simple, effective physical self-defence techniques
  • explore verbal self defence - reasoning, confronting, using surprise, and more...
  • discuss issues of violence against women and girls in a supportive setting
  • and share inspiring real-life stories of resistance!