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Programs & Services

These are all the Programs & Services offered by Student Outreach

Hart House Community Engagement Ambassadors

The Hart House Community Engagement Ambassadors are a team of U of T students that want to help you discover all that Hart House has to offer!

We aim to help students across U of T connect over community activities and events-based programming. You’ll find us working our usual wellness events in and around the House, assisting with everything from drop-in tours to board game cafès to arts and crafts programs. 

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Equity Movement

Equity Movement is based out of the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. We consist of both graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Toronto. Our goal is to plan, motivate and implement positive student-led equity initiatives that promote equity, diversity, inclusivity and physical/mental health. The team develops and implements diversity and equity initiatives related to sport and physical activity through student-staff partnerships, and reviews student-initiated proposals for funding through the Equity ideas Fund. 

Healthy Grads

Healthy Grads (HGs) is a student-led team that provides health promotion programming by graduate students for graduate students.As graduate students, we are passionate about promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle among our peers. We are a team that aims to address the unique needs of graduate students, including mental health, managing power-based relationships, managing the school-to-work transition, and integrating self-care into our daily routines. In addition, we help graduate students to navigate their way to appropriate resources on and off campus, including those offered through the Health & Wellness Centre and Gradlife.