Join the Crew!

Be part of a team that’s creating a happier, healthier U of T! Choose from a variety of paid and volunteer positions with one of five student teams.  

Most positions listed below are summer work-study positions. Applicants must be enrolled in 1 full credit over the summer to be eligible. You can apply for more than one position listed below, and you can only be hired by one position.

How to Apply: Search following positions by Job ID at 

HealthyU Crew

The HealthyU Crew provides information, strategies and resources to support student health and well being.

  • Job ID 119089: Social Change Specialist, Leave The Pack Behind (non-work study, part-time employment)
  • Job ID 118044: Digital Marketing Assistant (Arts, Design, and/or Media Assistant (e.g., Photographer, Videographer, Blogger, Art Gallery Attendant)

Equity Movement

The Equity Movement Crew plans and implements equity initiatives to promote physical activity for the diverse U of T community.

  • Job ID 116982: LGBTQ Outreach & Initiatives Student Leader
  • Job ID 116979: Equity Outreach, Partnerships and Social Media Student Leader

MoveU Crew

The MoveU Crew promotes events focusing on physical activity, health, well being and academic success.

  • Job ID 117450: MoveU Residence Engagement Assistant
  • Job ID 115740: MoveU Program Assistant
  • Job ID 115741: MoveU Crew Videographer

Hart House Wellness & Community Engagement Ambassadors

Hart House Wellness & Community Engagement Ambassadors promote Hart House and what it means to discover your whole self at U of T.

  • Hart House Wellness Ambassadors
  • Hart House Community Engeagement Ambassadors
  • Hart House MoveU Ambassadors

Learn more about the Hart House House Ambassador positions!


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