The HealthyU Crew is a peer health education program at the Health & Wellness Centre dedicated to providing students with information, strategies, tools, and resources to support their health and wellness goals. The HealthyU Crew is comprised of over 30 Work-Study and volunteer students who participate in one of four teams, each responsible for programming within a specific area of health:

  • Nutrition     
  • Mental Health
  • Safety & Harm Reduction
  • Leave the Pack Behind
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The HealthyU Crew is available to participate in and/or collaborate on student events and initiatives on campus. For details on what we offer,  including workshops, educational booths, and class announcements; and/or to make a request, please contact: 

Ravi Gabble, Health Education Coordinator
Health Promotion Programs, Health & Wellness Centre

Note, requests are accepted only between September and February, and are subject to team availability

The HealthyU Crew hosts and takes part in a number of events every year, including:

  • UTSU Orienatation Week
  • October Mental Wellness Month
  • Mindfest
  • Field to Fork
  • Hart House $5 Lunch
  • Minding Our Minds Conference at Victoria College
  • Exam Jams
  • MoveU Skate Series
  • Bell Let’s Talk Day
  • Leave the Pack Behind wouldurather… contest
  • HealthyU Lunchbox Challenge
  • Time Out! with the HealthyU Crew


The Nutrition team provides students with information, tips, and strategies about healthy eating and staying well. During the year, the team addresses topics such as: eating well on a student budget; packing nutritious meals and snacks; mindful eating; and finding healthy food options on- and off-campus. Known for their famous Blender Bikes, free food events, and engaging social media campaigns, the Nutrition team is your go-to student group for all things food and nutrition related!

Mental Health

The Mental Health team promotes awareness of mental wellness on campus, and helps students navigate campus and community resources to find the support that’s right for them. Throughout the year, the team addresses topics such as: stress management; building community; sleep hygiene; impact of technology on mental health; and destigmatizing mental illness. In addition to their regular programming, the Mental Health team plays prominent roles in the planning and implementation of October Mental Wellness Month and Bell Let’s Talk Day in January.

Safety & Harm Reduction 

The Safety & Harm Reduction team raises awareness of personal and community safety issues on campus, and provides students with strategies and resources for staying safe during their time at the University of Toronto. The team addresses a wide range of issues throughout the year, including: alcohol misuse prevention; safe sex tips and advice; preventing physical injuries such as concussions; fostering healthy relationships; and staying safe on and off campus. 

Leave the Pack Behind

Leave The Pack Behind (LTPB) is a tobacco control program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support, and quitting resources – all for free. It is funded by the Government of Ontario and the University of Toronto Work-Study program. 

Leave the Pack Behind since 2000