Learning to cope with stress can be the key to a happy, healthy university experience. Take a deep breath, let it out - and find a strategy that works for you!

What you can do

  • Focus on things you’re able to change: There is little benefit, and lots of stress, in worrying about things that are beyond your control.

  • Focus on the positives, and avoid negative thinking: Dwelling on negatives can use up the energy you have to deal with the stress.

  • Build a network of social support:This offers important benefits, both physical and psychological.

  • Take care of your relationships: Those around us can be affected by our stress and then our relationships can become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

  • Learn to delegate and accept help: It’s okay to say "No."

  • Learn to prioritize: Take on one task at a time.

  • Look after your health: Enjoy nutritious foods, get regular moderate exercise and sufficient sleep, cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and energy drinks, and if you smoke, try to quit.

  • Acknowledge your successes along the way: And remember to reward yourself.

  • Take time to relax and have fun: Be with friends, and enjoy life outside the classroom.
Student playing guitar to her friends