Cold weather know how

  • Dress in layers.
  • Break out the long johns if you’ve got them.
  • Watch your step.
  • Beware of icy sidewalks.
  • Choose the right footwear.
  • Wear boots that keep you warm but also have a good tread to keep you from slipping.
  • Wear a hat.
  • And make sure it covers your ears!
  • Keep an eye out for frostbite.
  • With this bitter wind chill, exposed skin can freeze in 10 – 30 minutes.
  • Stay indoors.
  • Go outside only when you need to. There are lots of warm and cozy spots right here on campus.

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Need new gear? Here are some suggestions for where to find what you need in Toronto.

Thrift, vintage, overstock, used goods

  • Check out places like second-hand stores on Queen West or vintage stores in Kensington Market. You might even find Facebook groups that allow trades or second-hand sales for great prices.
  • Expect to find coats in the range of $50 – $70 and boots for $20 - $70.
  • Pro tip: Check for tears, poorly sewn linings and sufficient stuffing in coats.

New, but affordable gear

  • Head to local malls or stores on Yonge Street to find stores that stock cold weather items.
  • Expect to find coats in the range of $100 - $200 and boots from $40 – 100.
  • Pro tip: Look for sales. These are great places to find good boots, mid-layer jackets, thermal underwear, leggings, scarves, hats and warm socks.

New gear that’s more expensive

  • Places like malls and stores on Bloor Street sell winter wear that’s on the pricier side, but good quality.
  • Expect to find coats in the range of $200 - $450 and boots from $100 – $300.
  • Pro tip: Keep an eye out for sales and remember that items in this category usually come with solid weather ratings and warranties.

Investment pieces

  • There some brands out there that come with excellent weather ratings and warranties, but are a definite investment. You’ll find them at select retailers on Queen West, Bloor Street, in malls or online.
  • Expect to find coats from $650 - $1,000 or more, and boots starting at $400 and up.
  • Pro tip: High-priced brands may keep you warm in very cold temperatures with just one or two layers underneath, but less expensive coats work just as well if you layer up!